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A community of like-minded families with goals to cultivate, in our students, Godly character and a love for learning. Our learning platform facilitates an inquiry, independent learning environment, among peers, while providing space for each student to discover and develop his or her passions, skills and giftings.


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  • RLC facilitates a 30-week block program year.
  • Offering classes on Wed., Thurs., and Fri.
  • For ages 5 to 16.
  • Learning Day is 8:45am – 2:00pm.
  • Extended classes and lessons 2:00pm – 5:00pm.
  • Parent volunteers are a key component to the success and affordability of RLC.


  • Weekly chapel with a focus on Bible based character development.
  • Monthly theme based, project fairs.
  • Small group peer discussion.
  • Drama instruction with an end of year production.
  • Physical fitness.


  • RLC begins the first week of September through second week of May.
  • Registration is open year around but subject to available seats.
  • Seats are reserved by submitting a registration form, receiving confirmation of available seats, and completing the Seat Security payment.
  • Membership can be withdrawn at any time.

Our Creative Arts team offers instruction in voice, piano, guitar, strings (violin, viola, and cello), bass,  and drums. (see below)

Meet Our Director

Christina Weidner is a passionate Worship Pastor and leader who’s core mission is to equip and activate the body of Christ into their God-given abilities in the area of music, worship and the creative arts as well as lead the people of God into His presence to experience then fullness of God.

Christina received a vision and calling for ministry at 12 years old. It was clear that God was calling her to the nations to teach people how to worship Him. She was married to James Weidner in 2000 and left for the mission field at the age of 18 spending over 15 years overseas fulfilling this calling. Christina has spent the majority of her ministry writing songs, training children, youth and adults by equipping them to be proficient on their instruments and in leading worship within the local Church. Her passion is to see believers realize his or her musical gifting, increase in confidence and skill and be able to lead the people of God into that Most Holy Place of worship.

Christina Weidner holds her Degree in Christian Arts with a Major in Voice as well as her Degree in Ministerial Studies. Christina is a trained and seasoned Pastor serving her Pastors in Manila, Philippines, New Orleans, Louisiana and currently serves the church she and her husband have planted in Shanghai, China and Covington, LA.

“LOVE it so much!!!! Thank you for this community of fellowship for these children based on the love of God, learning… AND fun!”
Faith Walton (RLC Parent)


2023/2024 Registration is open!



RLC Fall 2023/Spring 2024

  • Sept. 1 – 930-1030am – Orientation for Strong Start &  Thursday Classes
  • Sept. 1 – 1030-1130am – Orientation for Wednesday & Friday Learning Days
  • Sept. 6-8 – Program Start Day
  • Sept. 27/29 – Healthy & Fit Learning Fair
  • Oct. 6 – NO RLC (St. Tammany Parish Fair)
  • Oct. 25/27 – History Learning Fair
  • Oct. 29 – Celebration of Life
  • Nov. 15/17 – World Market Learning Fair
  • Nov. 22-24 – Thanksgiving Break
  • Dec 9. – Winter Recital
  • Dec 13/15 – Music Learning Fair
  • Dec. 20-Jan. 5 – Christmas & New Year Break
  • Jan. 31/Feb. 2 – Invention Convention/K-3 Science Fair Learning Fair
  • Feb. 14-16 – Mardi Gras Break
  • Feb. 28/Mar. 1 – RLC @ the Movies & How-To Learning Fairs
  • Mar. 1 – Summer Camp Registration Opens
  • Mar. 20/22 – Career Learning Fair/Storybook Learning Fair
  • April 3-5 Spring Break
  • April 24/26 – Art Learning Fair
  • May 8/10 – 2nd-3rd Grade / 4th-6th Grade Spring Productions
  • May 4 – Spring Recital
  • May 15-17 –  7th-10th Grade Spring Production/Last Day of RLC Program Year

WEDNESDAY Learning Day is Accepting Registration for ’23/’24 Program Year.



8:30AM – 1:30PM
Wednesday & Friday ages are K5 – 10th grade
Enrollment includes the whole day.

8:30-8:45am: Arrival
8:45 – 9:20am: Chapel
9:20 – 10:00am: Peer Discussion Groups
10:00 – 10:50am:  Class (2nd-6th), PE (7th-10th), Recess/Snack (K-1st)
10:50 – 11:40am: Lunch (2nd-3rd), Classes (K-1st, 7th-10th), PE (4th-6th)
11:40am-12:30pm: Drama (2nd-3rd), Lunch/Recess (K-1st, 4th-10th)
12:30-1:30pm: Centers/PE/Dramatic Play (K-1st), PE (2nd-3rd), Drama (4th-10th)
1:30pm: Dismissal


We offer extracurricular classes in addition to the Learning Community Day. Each Class is enrolled individually.

1:45pm – 2:15pm: Year 2 Guitar Class (8yrs+)
2:15pm – 2:45pm: Year 1 Guitar Class (8yrs+)
1:45pm – 2:15pm: Advanced Guitar Class (10yrs +)
1:45pm – 2:30pm: Dance (Lyrical Contemporary Jazz)
1:45pm – 2:30pm: Year 2 Violin Class
1:45pm-3:15pm: One-on-One Music Lessons As Scheduled

1:45pm – 2:15pm: Year 2 Guitar Class (8yrs+)
2:15pm – 2:45pm: Year 1 Guitar Class (8yrs+)
1:45pm – 2:15pm: Intermediate Guitar Class (10yrs+)
2:15pm – 2:45pm: Voice Class (8yrs+)
1:45pm – 2:45pm: Dance (Lyrical Contemporary Jazz )
1:45pm – 2:30pm: Year 3 Violin Class
1:45pm – 3:15pm: One-on-One Music Lessons As Scheduled


Each class is enrolled individually.
*Class = formal curriculum
Classes are offered for Students 8-18 years old.


8:30-10am 3rd-5th – Science
8:30-10am 6th-8th – Lost Tools of Writing/Grammar
10-11:30am 6th-8th – Science
10-11:30am 3rd-5th – IEW Writing/Grammar
11:50am-12:40pm 3rd & up – P.E.
12:40-1:30pm 3rd & up – Art
1:40-2:30 3rd & up – Spanish

A program offering instruction in
Literacy, Math, Science, Art, Music, and P. E. 

Offering a 4 & 5 year old class and a combined 6 & 7 year old class.

Enrollment Guidelines for 4 year olds: 

  • Should be 4 years old by March 31, 2023
  • Should be able to use the bathroom independently (fully potty trained).
  • Should be able to recognize number 1-5 and count to 10.
  • Should be able to recognize basic colors and shapes.
  • Should be able to hold a pencil as well as be able to cut and paste.

Full-Day program from 8:30am – 1:30pm.


8:30-8:45am Arrival & Circle Time
8:45-10:15am Math/Science (Pre-K & K) Literacy/Writing (1st & 2nd)
10:15-10:30am Snack
10:30am-12:00pm Math/Science (1st & 2nd) Literacy/Writing (Pre-K & K)
12:00-12:30 Lunch/Recess
12:30-1:30pm Music/Art/P.E.


Curriculum Reference Guide

Writing & Grammar
Grammar 3rd – 5th Grade & 6th – 8th Grade

A program offering instruction in the various aspects of grammar such as sentence structure, parts of speech, sentence diagramming, capitalization, punctuation, and more.

We will be using the “Growing with Grammar” curriculum.

Your child’s grade level would correlate with the Level book.  For ex: Grade 5=Level 5
Writing 3rd – 5th Grade
A program offering instruction in developing skills in the writing process.  Using IEW (Institute for Excellence in Writing) materials.
You can purchase the Teacher/Student Manual at the links below or  just the  Student manual.

Writing Skills taught: Structure, research based writing, creative writing, style techniques, and developing expressive writing as well as use of vocabulary in writing.

Curriculum Links:


Lost Tools of Writing 6th – 8th Grade

A program offering instruction in persuasive writing, essay writing and thinking skills.

Writing Skills taught: Basic Essay Writing, Schemes, Tropes, Editing, Division, Narratio, Thesis, Proofs, Arguments, Refutation, Conclusion, and Amplification

Thinking Skills taught: Material Logic: Common Topics, Definition, Comparison, Circumstance, Testimony, and Relationship.

For more information about the Lost Tools of Writing program visit their website:

Curriculum Links: Student book only required:

Optional Complete Set:


A program offering an introduction to growing and developing Spanish language skills. Instructors use music, videos, activities, reading books, and conversation to aid in the learning process. Students learn grammar, vocabulary, and conjunctions through instruction and practical application.

Required Student Workbook:

Grades 3rd-5th Grade – “God’s Design – Life “

A program offering instruction in complete life curriculum for 3rd-5th graders which reveals the amazing world of God’s creation through the study of plants, animals, and the human body.

  • The World of Plants: Discover the Creator’s handiwork as you study the beauty and intricacy of seeds, leaves, and flowers. Explore trees, fungi, algae, unusual plants, moss, and more.
  • The World of Animals: Discover how each animal was designed by God to be unique, from cuddly mammals and slimy frogs to jellyfish, butterflies, and bacteria.
  • The Human Body: The human body is an incredibly complex and created wonder. Learn about the amazing functions of each system and understand that you are made in God’s image!

Ge ready for an exciting adventure!

Curriculum Links:
Student Book only required

Optional Complete Set

Grades 6th-8th – “General Science 2: Survey of Geology and Archeology”

Explore the fascinating branches of scienceIn this unique science course students will explore caves, archaeology, fossils, and geology as they discover fascinating facts, incredible wonders, captivating structures, and God’s glory on display throughout creation!

This junior high and high school level science course allows one core area of science per quarter. Lessons are scheduled five days a week and should take 30-45 minutes to complete.

Curriculum Links:
Teacher Guide is Optional


A program offering instruction in project based art. Students complete a series of projects throughout the semester that utilize different skills and mediums of art.

Students use a variety of mediums including colored pencils, sketching pencils, pen, markers, oil pastels, water color and acrylic paint.

All projects are completed in class.

Skills/Topics Covered:
• Drawing techniques (proportions, lines, shading, shapes, tools, etc.)
• Layering mediums of art (ex. coloring w/ markers, adding layers w/ colored pencils)
• Oil pastels
• Acrylic paintings
• Water Color paintings


A program offering a physical education opportunity to homeschool families.

Students will get moving, learning about fitness, sportsmanship, and teamwork while improving their coordination, building strength, and enjoying themselves in a variety of ways.

Creative Arts Lessons


Areas of Instruction:

  • Voice Group lessons (ages 8-12)
  • Piano: Improvisation / one on one lessons
  • Acoustic Guitar Group classes / Beginner Year 1&2, Intermediate, & Advanced
  • Drums: Beginner one on one lessons
  • Violin: group lessons
  • Modern Dance Class

Program Details:

  • Program year is from Sept. through May
  • 1 block equals 30 – 30 minute lessons.
  • No lessons on holiday weeks. (see RLC holiday schedule)
  • The schedule needs to be confirmed with instructor.

Miss Abby – Student Instructor (Piano)

Mr. James – Student Instructor (Drums)

Miss Jessie – Instructor (Dance)

Miss Alice – Instructor (Piano & Guitar)

Mrs. Elizabeth – Instructor (Violin)

Miss Olivia – Instructor (guitar)

Miss Emma – Instructor (Piano)

Mrs. Charla – Instructor (Piano)

2023/2024 FEE INFO

Thank you for your faithful participation in our programs. Please note we have made an approximate 10% adjustment in all fees for the '22/'23 & '23/'24 program year.


1 Student = Year $400

2 Students = Year $600

3 Students = Year $700

4 Students = Year $800

5 Students and above = Year $900

Payments request are sent via monthly invoice. Monthly automatic payments options can be scheduled HERE as well as other payments methods through text payments, Paypal, or Venmo.

Sponsorships are available when needed.

Refunds are not offered for missed days.


Per Class / Per Student:

1 hour classes full year $250

1.5 hour classes full year $350

One-on-One Creative Arts lessons have a different fee structure – See Below.


Full-Day Fee/Student = Full Program Year $1300


Creative Arts lessons follow the same RLC calendar year and break weeks.

A block consists of one 30 minute lesson a week.

Offering instruction in voice, piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, viola, cello, and drums.

One on One blocks =  $550/year

Group blocks = $300/year


Registration Fee:
A registration fee of $25 is applied once per year for all RLC programs. Summer Camp registration fee is additional.

Seat Security:
A Seat Security payment is required to complete the enrollment process and secure your child’s seat.
  • The Seat Security payment is the equivalent to one month’s payment for the combined enrollment of all learning days and classes registered for.
  • The Seat Security payment will be applied to student’s first month.
  • Registrants will receive Seat Security payment amount via invoice and are due before start of RLC.
  • Keep in mind each program has a maximum student limit. Seats are secured only after Seat Security payment is completed. After each program is filled to capacity your child will be placed on a waitlist unless a refund is desired instead.


  • An invoice will be sent each month via email from our QuickBooks email address.
  • Full Year Payments can be made or the program year fees pro-rated from student starting month through May.
  • Payments are due on or before the 15th of the month as the invoice will indicate.
  • Payments are sent via invoice. Monthly automatic payments options can be scheduled HERE as well as other payments methods through text payments, Paypal, or Venmo.


  • Each month’s payment is non-refundable after the student’s second day of attendance that month.
  • Refunds are not offered for missed classes.

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