Just Your Average Guy/Girl

The past 12 months have been a very new season for Christina, my family and I. We find our selves in a new city, once again launching a new ministries. Seems we have done this, in one form or another, 5 or 6 times now. Each time being completely different and presenting new challenges and opportunities. One of the conclusions we have had to come to about ourselves, in the past twelve months, is that we are basically just hard working, average people with a call of God upon our lives. Admittedly there have been many days when we have tried to shake off the call to just live a more *normal* life... whatever that looks like. But thankfully the call remains steadfast hunting us down on our highest and lowest days.

Over the years we have accomplished some pretty cool things but it was all only the Grace of God as we were obedient in following Him. The Apostle Paul teaches us that we are a people who put "no confidence in the flesh" (listen to podcast "no confidence in the flesh) One of our greatest secrets is that we just get up every day, putting on our pants and shoes, and hit the pavement once again. Some days we hope and pray that there is more to us than there is, but when we look again into the mirror we realize *we are who we are* and who we are is the called of God, set apart, to go out and get busy with the Lord's work for one more day.

I feel probably there are more people like us than there are like the insanely gifted ones. You know who I am talking about... those people we average ones hate (ha ha kidding). The ones who when they open their mouth and sing it seems effortless and the angels seem to fill the room, or when they preach it is like the voice of God is resounding from the ceiling of the auditorium, or when they write a book it is like Solomon reincarnate and the words just flow off the page and make perfect sense and help us practically in life, or when they lead it seems there is not enough room for the masses who are following. (Of course social media exasperates these, often times, misconceptions.) Yes, those people. We actually love them (kind of) because some of them help us to be better at loving Jesus and to get closer to what we are trying to accomplish. Or at least their success somehow drives us on to maybe accomplish a fraction of what it seems they are accomplishing. But still there are more of us average ones than the gifted ones.

Let's not be too hard on ourselves or get depressed because we feel we are not good enough. God has something in store for each one of us. We each have to discover what we are called to, passionate about, and gifted in (no matter the degree of gifting) and then pursue that thing non-stop. Paul also teaches us not compare ourselves with others and that by doing so we are not wise. Rather than taking too much time trying to be something that we are not... let us discover who we are and look at how we can take who we are and bring value to the people around us. To each person that you add value to their will be another one who will be given to you to do the same. "He who is faithful with little will be given more". Let's be value adders to our church, community, family, etc... Welcome to the average club of called men and women who fill the earth. May the joy of the Lord be your strength!