An open door for a new beginning... Weidner's journey update!

In early 2008 I journeyed to Shanghai to begin seeking the open door to relocate our family to China with the intention of building a work for a life time. By June 2008 we moved to China and to our surprise much of our dreams and ideas came to past much quicker than we had imagined as the Lord accomplished a quick work.  However, by June 2016, that I learned that I would not be able to return to China, for some years, due to my visa renewal being black listed. At this point our whole family moved to Taipei, Taiwan for a season of transition. We had prepared our team and community of this possibility and so when it happened Taiwan made the most sense to us. During this time we began developing a remote system to lead our team in the same time zone, launched different ministries, and began seeking the Lord if we were to stay in Taiwan long term.

By October 2017 Christina and I came to the conclusion that the most sustainable and wisest move was to relocate our family back to our home town where we would have the support needed to continue leading our China ministry and seeking opportunity to engage and build new ministries. 

By the end of December we were able to relocate to Mandeville, LA, secure a home, move all our furniture from Asia and even host Christmas Day for our family. Now we are settling into our new schedule of early morning and late evening meetings leading Shanghai while having the day to plan new adventures ahead.

We are planning to launch a church campus here on the Northshore of NOLA believing the Lord to once again direct our steps and enable us to build another great work on our home soil.

By January 25th we are launching a home group and on Jan. 27th a Saturday worship time. Our heart are for those who are not planted, seeking intentional community, hungry for Jesus, and desiring to REACH the loss with the good news.

It is good to be home, though we feel like foreigners some days, while we miss dearly our team and community in Shanghai. Hoping to connect and make many many new friendships here on good ole US soil.

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Pastor James (PJ)