Our Team

James Weidner III

Lead Pastor

Christina Weidner

Pastor - Worship, Women's, RLC Director

Rachel Alvarez


Rachael Devlin

Learning Community (RLC) Facilitator / Teacher

Jessie Weidner

3Y Intern / Youth Leader / RLC / Dance Instructor / Accounting

Abigail Weidner

2Y Intern / Worship / RLC / Just4Kidz / Piano Instructor

James Weidner IV

2Y Intern / Youth Leader / Drum Instructor / RLC / P.E.

Veronica Even

Learning Community (RLC) / Just4Kids Coordinator

Michelle Roques

Learning Community (RLC) Facilitator

Melanie Palma

Strong Start Instructor

Olivia Alvarez

2Y Intern / Strong Start / Music Instructor

Emma Roques

2Y Intern / Youth Leader / RLC

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