Our *new* App, Church Online platform & Night Of Teaching on Revival – Wed. 3/23 – 7pm

James Weidner III   -  

If you have not downloaded our App please do so now. You can find the *Reach Community* App in the Apple App Store. The Google Play version of the App will be coming out soon. Apologies to all our android peeps for the delay

Within the App and on our website you can find the Church Online page/link. Of course you can always continue to use YouTube directly, which is easier to use on your TV. The advantage to participating in Church Online through the website or App is the Live Chat and other links are at your finger tips. You can more PRIVATELY communicate to others who are intentionally watching service on our platform verses the public platform of YouTube. However, subscribing to YouTube still let’s us know approximately how many online participants we have. Our goal is to continue to stay connected even when we watch online.

With Refreshing Weekend in a couple days… tonight, Wednesday, is a good night to come out and prepare for the weekend. Tonight we will be studying Preparations for Revival. We are always hopeful for God to continue to move among us as well as pour out His Spirit within the Church in special ways. Looking forward to seeing you in the House or Online.

For such a time as this, PJ